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Our mission is to foster an inclusive, nurturing, and academically enriching environment where students of diverse backgrounds can flourish, learn, and evolve into well-rounded individuals. Our journey commenced in 2016, in a rented building, driven by the demand of the vibrant Pakistani Community residing in Buraimi, to establish the branch school of Pakistan School Muscat.

Catering to Kindergarten and Grade 1 through Grade 10, we are committed to surpassing expectations, even in the face of significant challenges. Through dedicated efforts, we've earned a reputation for exceptional academic progress, drawing not only the Pakistani community but also our dear sister communities in Buraimi, who trust us with their children's future.

The trust bestowed upon us is invaluable, and we at PS Buraimi, along with our esteemed administration, are leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of academic excellence. Our endeavors are proving fruitful, turning this venture into a resounding success.

We’re fortunate to maintain an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring personalized attention. Each member of our team is wholeheartedly committed to delivering the curriculum to the highest standards. The introduction of the Cambridge curriculum has been a significant milestone, necessitating collaboration from all stakeholders – teachers, students, and parents alike, in adapting to this new educational paradigm.

As we move forward, our administration stands steadfast, ready to support and empower our dedicated teachers in the seamless implementation of this curriculum, all with the ultimate aim of achieving our educational goals.

Once again, welcome to Pakistan School Buraimi. Together, let’s embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and success!

Principal 's Message

Dear Esteemed Parents and Guardians,

Allow me to share with you the heart and soul of Pakistan School Buraimi. In its journey, it stands as a proud sibling to Pakistan School Muscat, striving with unwavering dedication to match its esteemed standards.
Despite humble means, our school has blossomed academically, becoming a trusted haven not only for the Pakistani community but also for our cherished sister communities. It has emerged as a beacon of trust and excellence. As the head of this institution, I extend my heartfelt assurance to every parent, transcending boundaries of nationality, faith, geography, and language. In Pakistan School Buraimi, you will find a nurturing sanctuary for your children's intellectual growth, where they will be equipped with the treasures of knowledge and wisdom. Across the educational landscape of Oman, Pakistani schools unfurl the banner of education at a threshold accessible to all, setting forth a global standard at prices within reach. We believe in the dynamic interplay of theory and practice, where hands-on learning unfurls like a blossoming flower, breaking free from the monotony of routine. Through a rich tapestry of co and extra-curricular activities, we beckon our students to explore, to create, and to excel.

Each child is a universe of potential, and within our halls, we strive to unveil their hidden talents. With themed assemblies, we sculpt not only minds but characters, sculpting confidence and self-assuredness. Participation in co & extra- curricular activities is encouraged to open-up the mind of students in order to instill in them the sense of competition.

In the digital age, we utilize the vast expanse of social media to disseminate the progress, the triumphs, and the metamorphoses transpiring within our beloved school. With the benevolence of the Almighty, this year has witnessed an influx of diverse communities seeking admission, a testament to their profound faith in the dedicated staff and astute management.

May Allah illuminate our path and grace our endeavors with success! Ameen.

Mr. Muhammad Sabir
Principal , Pakistan School Buraimi


Mr. Muhammad Sabir


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