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The organization objective at Pakistan School Buraimi is for all children to mature as autonomous learners with dignity and veneration for others, as well as an enduring affection of wisdom and a resilient base for imminent attainment. Pakistan School Buraimi is a multi-story structure with a vibrantly colored exterior wall. It offers large, open rooms where many good people have been prepared. The main building exudes confidence and welcomes each new student. The school used to had classes till grade 8 and was led by Ms. Samina Khanam in start than eventually steered by Ms Farzana Asif Shauqat and now it is under the guidance of acting principal Ms. Shahnaz Arshad the institute accommodates students till grade 10. Pakistan School Buraimi has a positive school environment that has enough facilities, wellmanaged classrooms, school-based health services, and a clear, fair disciplinary policy. There are numerous characteristics of positive climate schools' intellectual, disciplinary, and physical environments Learning occurs not only in the classroom but also in other settings and areas of life.

However, the majority of what one learns in life takes place within those four walls. This is especially true when it comes to laying the groundwork for children's learning. Making students feel like they are part of a community, no matter how diverse they are from one another, is essential in creating a conducive learning atmosphere. Children can grasp the reality of originating from diverse families, having different values, views, and religion, as well as the truth that each individual is unique at an early age. This distinction must be acknowledged, recognized, and even embraced. A student who is secure in him/herself despite his/her differences from others is part of an effective learning environment. Teachers at this school are skilled in communication, listening, teamwork, adaptation, empathy, and patience. Their other excellent teaching characteristics include an engaging classroom presence, a value in real-world learning, the exchange of best practices, and a lifetime love of learning. The learning programs and syllabus here assure quality assurance and are amended on a regular basis to meet changing needs and incorporate the most recent advances in teaching and learning. The trained experts here are passionate about teaching and learning. They assist children in developing emotionally, academically, and physically into proud citizens with the knowledge, skills, and approach to positively influence our world.Every kid is valued at Pakistan School Buraimi. As a community, we try to ensure that students develop effectively in all parts of learning, so that they are prepared to confront the possibilities and challenges of the twenty-first century wherever they may be.

Principal 's Message

"Whosoever follows a path to seek knowledge therein, God will make easy for him a path to paradise" - Muslim Hadith Book. Every Muslim, male or female, has the right and the obligation to receive an education. The biggest gifts a parent can provide to his/her children are upbringing and education. With sloth, one cannot acquire knowledge. We at Pakistan School Buraimi hold this to be the essential truth, and it has always been our goal to teach good values in all of our students so that they grow into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to face challenges once they leave our doors. In order to give our children a unique learning experience by preparing them to advance with a positive attitude, skill, confidence, sensitivity, and responsibility, we have embarked on an elevating and stimulating adventure. We create an environment where every child is shown love, respect, and acceptance. Here, the emphasis is on creating a seamless fusion of ancient and modern methods that is beneficial to students. Children learn here by experimenting and exploring a wide range of extracurricular activities. This gives the students the best exposure and builds their confidence. We are committed to achieving our goal by offering a model facility to develop a child's creative, intellectual, and physical abilities. Our motto and watchword, "Unity, faith, and discipline," serves as a constant source of inspiration for our kids entire lives.

Ms. Shahnaz Arshad
Acting Principal , Pakistan School Buraimi


Ms. Shahnaz Arshad

Acting Principal

principal.buraimi@pakistanschool.edu.om +968 – 957 10 851

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