Every student is involved in our imaginative and dynamic Arts Programme, which seeks to enflame their creative imagination and to make the very most of their artistic talent and potential.
Across Drama, Dance, Music, Art & Design and Design Technology, we offer pupils the opportunity to pursue their cultural passions both within the academic curriculum and, more importantly, through an incredibly diverse programme of annual events with opportunities to perform and showcase their learning and talent. Whether they are budding actors, singer-songwriters, designers, film-makers, musicians, authors, poets, singers or dancers, each and every student is encouraged to engage with their creative selves so they can discover the beauty and joy to be found in the Arts.

Featured Arts

We aim to stimulate young enquiring minds through imaginative exploration of music through story-telling and role-play, and to initiate a lifelong love of music from the very early age.
Students learn that Art & Design is a vehicle to express a wide variety of cultural, historical, social and political activities or events. Students are also encouraged to express their own personal interests, experiences, beliefs and feelings.
There is a large range of machinery and equipment in the Design Technology Department that students are taught to use. We have laser cutters which are used comprehensively manufacture products of increasing complexity.
Visual arts are an essential part of a well-rounded education.Sstudent artwork is displayed and celebrated, and all of our students, from EC through High School, experience the visual arts through a variety of mediums.
Students in grades 7-12 have the opportunity to take drama in their school day, where they learn vital speaking and presentation skills.

Winners & Awards

Our commitment to recognizing and honoring excellence extends beyond the classroom. Whether it's academic accolades, sports championships, or artistic achievements, we take pride in highlighting the diverse talents that make Pakistan School Muscat a hub of success.

Team Red Senior Art & Design Team

We believe in nurturing not just academic brilliance but also the holistic development of our students. Our Winners and Awards section stands as a testament to the outstanding accomplishments across various domains, including academics, sports, arts, and community service

Team Blue Design Technology Team

We play a huge role as we help nurture students to weave social-emotional learning in the daily lessons,thus laying a foundation for these students to mature into capable adults who are ready to accomplish their dreams.

Team Yellow Junior Drama Team

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